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Designer Collection Perfume Oil Gift Box

Designer Collection Perfume Oil Gift Box



A beautifully curated collection of five 5ml roll-on perfume oils. Each contains a hand-picked selection of our best sellers, inspired by a shared fragrance type.

If you are seeking the best possible quality Perfume Oils, look no further. Our oils are created using the exact grade of raw materials, exact origin and composition of the essential oils, and always include the unique, exotic, and expensive specialty raw materials found in the original fine fragrance.

Our oils are balanced with a top, middle and bottom note that are unique to the original fine fragrance. We verify this balance by testing the fragrance to make sure that it wears in precisely the same way as the original fragrance.

Our fragrances are complex blends of raw materials, natural essential oils and exotic specialty compounds. The formulas are perfected over time, are extremely complex, may consist of hundreds of ingredients and are expensive to create.

Traditional perfumes and colognes as we know them, are comprised of at least 80 to 90% alcohol content. The alcohol acts as the carrier for the fragrance oil. When applied to the skin, the alcohol is very drying, which can lead to irritation (allergic reaction) and evaporates off the skin, hence a short fragrance time span.
Perfume Oils have become very popular and of superior quality than that of traditional, straight Perfume or Cologne. Perfume Oils are purer, longer-lasting and not as over-powering. Our Perfume Oils are available as blended Pure Essential Oils only and Pure Essential with Fine Fragrance. We use Fine Fragrance Oils that are skin and body safe, of ‘A Grade’ quality and available in a range of scents from natural botanicals, classic fragrances and inspired types by Designer Houses and brands.

All our Designer Collection Perfume Oils are skin safe and created according to the guidelines set by the IFRA (International Fragrance Association) and are complied with the RIFM (The Research Institute of Fragrance Materials) Standards.

WOODY - Santal . Vice . Jett . Afrique . Kasbah
FLORAL - Ghost . Miss . Blonde . Elle . Rouge
FRESH - Gypsy . Passion . Spritz . Lush . Daisy
BLOOM - Tulip . Dare . Nude . Myth . Rosette

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